Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens are just a short walk around the water's edge from the Sydney Opera House, as we had not yet been over this side of the city we decided to explore the 30 hectares of gardens.

As neither of us are gardening fanatics nor remotely interested in plants,  we were initially unsure whether we would enjoy the gardens however ... they were spectacular!

My favourite part was the walk round to Mrs Macquarie's Point. Walking along the waterfront the views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are great. I was even more impressed when I saw the horse statues!

When you reach Mrs Macquarie's point the views are breath-taking. As you can see from the photo there is definitely not a better spot in Sydney to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from  >>>

After our photo's at the point we decided to head around the corner to Mrs Macquarie's chair.
I was surprised when I saw the "chair" as I had not expected it to be carved out of a piece of sandstone rock. Nevertheless the views from this vantage point were again spectacular.

What I found surprising was how quiet the gardens were. Whilst you are so close to the CBD you feel as if you are a million miles away from any development. This area is also definitely the perfect place to picnic!

After exploring the gardens we then decided to head to the Sydney Opera Bar (so that Marcus could get a pie).
Thankfully unlike last time they had not sold out. As Marcus ordered a pie I decided to go for the crab salad ... little did I know that the crab was whole and deep fried, this meant that you had to eat the shell and it's claws! Needless to say I was very creeped out at the thought. Least I know for next time to order the pie (it looked and smelt amazing!!)

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