The Adventure Begins

We traveled down to London Heathrow Premier Inn with family. Here, we had a 'goodbye' meal and a few drinks. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and that was it, we were on our own. So we got ready for a goodnight sleep, but Marcus decides to suddenly have a horrendous dry cough. I wake up fresh as a daisy (Marcus not so fresh)ready for our long journey to Phuket, Thailand. The journey altogether was going to take 24 hours which took a fair bit of mental preparation.

Amazingly, everything went smoothly despite the fact our cases weighed more than a pair of fully grown hippo's (fair-play Malaysian Air for turning a blind eye). Our aeroplane that we flew on was an airbus. It was nearly brand new and very comfortable, it also had a cool webcam on the tail so we could watch our take-off and landing! Luckily for both of us fussy eaters the food was lovely and we both enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, which helped me sleep (unlike Marcus).

So we had a very interesting experience on the plane at one point. We both needed the toilet so we walked to them at the front of the plane, and found that one was vacant. I opened the door with Marcus just behind me and there was, unexpectedly, a Thai lass taking a dump. Awkwaaaard. The reaction this caused for all of us tells me she will never forget to lock the door again. Both Marcus and I just sprinted away from the scene in absolute tears hoping never to awkwardly cross this woman again!

After arriving at Kuala Lumpar (Malaysia) yet another toilet experience awaited me. I go into the lady's at the airport and a cubicle door was open, so its free right? Nope, this time I disrupt a lady having a stand up, flop out piss. Again I really wish she or he locked the frickin door!

Anyway after a long 12 hours we arrived in Kuala Lumpar airport. First on the agenda was flu tablets for Marcus! After that we decided a good way to kill 5 hours would be to sit and enjoy a couple of cocktails, which went down very nicely! Back onto the next flight ... luckily this time only an hour and a half. Next stop Phuket.

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About Me

My name is Collette Green and I am a 24 Geography Graduate from England. My boyfriend (Marcus) and I recently took a year out to visit and explore Australia. Although a little late this blog will consist of all our experience. Make sure to check-up and follow our adventure down under!