Boat time

Third time lucky!
For a while now Marcus and I have both wanted to rent a boat for the day. After some researching it turned out that 'Balmoral Boathouse' is the only place you can do this, without having a boating license.

So one sunny Saturday we made our way down to the boathouse. Unfortunately when we arrived we were told that both the boats were out of service (just our luck). A valuable lesson was learnt - to always call first to avoid disappointment!
In the end though we had a great day spent sunbathing, swimming and jumping off the jetty.
Second time ... our previous experience meant that we had pre booked the boat this time, unfortunately you can not guarantee Sydney weather so we ended up cancelling.
Third time lucky ... thankfully everything went to plan! The boat was booked and the weather was glorious! It was finally boat time.
After some brief instructions on operating the boat we were off! (Marcus was of course the skipper).
As we sailed out of the harbour the views of Balmoral were spectacular. We decided that once we were out of the harbour we should go left. This would take us round towards the Spit Bridge.

With me in charge of the anchor, our first stop off was at Castle Rock beach.

After some sunbathing we decided to move onto Clontarf. This was definitely the right decision as the water suddenly got very rough! At one point I did think that the boat was going to capsize. Thankfully Marcus's "expert"  driving skills sailed us to safety.

We then headed towards the spit bridge. It was great to have such a good view of the harbour, however we did stick out like sore thumbs in our tin boat amongst all the multi million dollar boats! Including one named 'Collette'!

Marcus being the skipper then decided to drive us UNDER the spit bridge!! A daunting experience as neither of us have a clue about boating laws, and I'm sure we went under the bridge the wrong way. Thankfully we survived without any major collisions!
Our last stop in the boat was at Rosherville Reserve, this was a lovely area that neither of us had been to before.
Unfortunately on the way back to Balmoral the sea got very rough again. Again there were a few hair-raising moments when I thought we would be swimming! I defiantly felt relieved when we pulled up to the boathouse dry and in one piece! All in all though a great boating experience, and one of the best ways to view Sydney.
Please click on the slideshow below to see some more pictures! :)


  1. How these guys didn't end up in Tanzania or Wellington with Marcus at the helm, God only knows!!

  2. Yeah, but I bet they had some pies with them just in case they got lost at sea!!!



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