A week with Amy & Ed

Amy & Ed Visit the Gold Coast!

It was a few months ago now that we had first met up with Amy and Ed for dinner in Sydney, I had also met up with Amy a few more times in Bondi and the CBD. As part of there East Coast travels they had planned to spend a week in the Gold Coast with Marcus and I, we were both excited to meet up with them both again and to show them around!


It was just after lunchtime when we met up with Amy & Ed, as it was such a beautiful day we decided to head straight to the beach. After spending much of the day catching up we then headed to the supermarket to grab some BBQ food and drink! 

We then took them to one of our favourite beach BBQ's located on Surfers Paradise. Marcus and Ed did a great job of cooking the food whilst Amy and I relaxed! We then took Amy & Ed back to our apartment for drinks and yummy doughnuts! 
After a few bottles of champagne, wine and ciders we decided to take a late night stroll along the beach, as we headed towards Surfers we then helped them with directions to get back to the hostel.


The night before we had planned to do a bike ride to the spit, unfortunately as Amy and Ed picked up the rental bikes the weather took a turn for the worst, thankfully they arrived at our apartment just in time before the torrential rain. As it looked like it was going to clear up we decided to watch the Truman show whilst waiting for the rain to stop.  

Luckily it did stop and we were soon on our way to the spit. Along the way we stopped off at various places to show Amy & Ed some of the scenery and for photo's!
When we arrived at the spit they were both amazed at the views of the city, we also witnessed some very big fish being caught!
On our way back we decided to stop off and show Amy and Ed the Mariners Mirage. We ended up enjoying a cool cider at the harbour bar which was much needed after all our cycling!
When we got back to Surfer's we all enjoyed a quick dip before going back to the apartment to get ready for dinner.

We decided to take Amy & Ed to the Beer Thai Garden where I had eaten on my birthday. Again the food was delicious and the staff were great entertaining us, we had a great evening!


We gave Amy and Ed a few idea's of things to do as unfortunately we had a week of work. We ended up meeting up with them again for the opening of Surfer's Festival. It was a lovely evening watching the spectacular firework display from the beach. I don't think I have ever seen fireworks in the ocean so that was very impressive!

The next opportunity I had to meet up with them both was on their last day. After they had climbed the Q1 we headed straight to the beach, it was a beautiful sunny day so we spent the day sunbathing. Marcus and I then planned to head over to their hostel for farewell drinks. We had a lovely evening and experienced our first taste of goon! After a couple of drinks it was then time to say our final farewells. Both Marcus and I really enjoyed having them both here, it was a shame they could not of stayed longer!


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