Melbourne CBD

Day Four

Another early start to take full advantage of the free breakfast which even had mini peanut butter pots! (happy Col).

After getting ready it was then time to head into the CBD for the day. Instead of driving we thought it would be easier to get the bus, although we were both wary given our usual luck with public transport!
Thankfully we had a bus stop directly outside and the bus system was very simple and cheap, and only took us 20 minutes.

As our bus dropped us off in the centre we headed first to Little Bourke Street to take a look around the oldest China Town in the southern hemisphere.  

Next we decided to make our way over to Southbank. It was pretty hectic due to the Australian Open tennis, but there was a great atmosphere. I loved how the trams ran through the streets and the horse and carriages were an added bonus!

We made our way over the Princes bridge to the Southbank promenade. The view from the bridge was spectacular with the Eureka tower (975 ft skyscraper).

Running parallel to the Yarra river the promenade was  easily my favorite part of the CBD. There was a great vibe with people playing on the free piano's along the bridge and promenade, you certainly would not find that in London! There was also some great bars and shops.

After a good walk around Southbank we got some lunch and headed to Federation square to watch the tennis. It was certainly a nice spot to have our lunch and we both ended up engrossed watching the tennis on the big screen. 

Just across the road from Federation square was Flinders street station, possibly the most impressive station I have ever seen. I'm not usually one to comment on architecture but the juxtaposition between old and new was amazing. 

From Flinders station we then caught the free tourist tram around the CBD. The free tram was great and took us past the museum, parliament house, docklands, aquarium and the Princess theatre. Pretty impressive for a free tram!

Afterwards it was then time to head back to the hotel to get ready to visit Danielle and her family.

It was about a 40 minute drive and thankfully my navigational skills did not let us down. We had to be so careful to avoid all the toll roads.

When we arrived Danielle showed us round, it was great to see where Smokey had grown up and meet the rest of their dogs, bulls and horse.

Very kindly Danielle and Pepi then took us out for an Indian. It was so good to eat something different besides plain chicken! We both really enjoyed our evening and it was a pleasure meeting her two boys. 


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