Melbourne - Mount Dandendong

Day Five

We decided to take full advantage of having the car for our last day in Melbourne.

It was another early start - as you can guess for the free breakfast! After a quick workout at the nearby gym we then were on our way to Mount Dandendong.

Located 32km east of Melbourne, Mount Dandendong stands 633 meters above sea-level making it the highest point in the surrounding ranges.

The drive up the mountain through the Dandendong Ranges was beautiful, whilst it wasn't quite GOR standard it was still awesome. 

It didn't take us long until we were at the observatory point 'Sky High'. After paying a small entrance fee we parked up and headed over to the lookout. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, but in the vague distance you could see Melbourne CBD! Even on a cloudy day the view was amazing. The photo's really do not do it justice!

In addition to the observatory point at Sky High there was also some beautiful gardens, mazes and a wishing tree.

On the drive down we decided to stop off for a coffee. We had both spotted a lovely coffee shop on our drive up in one of the little villages.

After a very nice coffee it was then time to head back. Once again my navigational skills were second to none.

For out last night we decided to take advantage of our luxurious hotel room. We ended up eating our dinner (chicken and vedge) in the room, watching TV, along with consuming a FEW bottles of wine.

Next day it was back to Sydney ...


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