Milson's Point

Milson's Point, Bradfield Park & The Oaks

In a previous post I mentioned briefly that Milson's point was one of the locations for Marcus's bootcamp.

Located at the northern end of the harbour bridge Milson's Point and Bradfield Park, sit directly across the water from the Opera House and quite literally under the bridge. The perfect picnic spot, which was our plan!

As our bus dropped us off at 'The Rocks' we decided first to explore some of Sydney's oldest most historic pubs. Obviously this consisted in having a few glasses of wine!

The pubs in this area are absolutely amazing, especially the d├ęcor. A definite must if you ever visit Sydney!

When we had finished looking round 'The Rocks' it was picnic time. Initially we had planned to walk across the harbour bridge, however instead we decided to catch the train. Unlike any other train I have ever been on Sydney trains are double decker, subsequently the view from the train is incredible.

When we arrived at Milson's Point we headed down to Bradfield Park to set up our picnic. This park is by far my favourite the views are spectacular. It's also surprising how quiet the area is, as you would expect it to be very noisy under the harbour bridge.

After a lovely picnic we then travelled to 'The Oaks' in Neutral bay, where we met up with Sam and Nick and some of their friends.
We had a great night, with lots of drinking! It's safe to say there were a few sore heads the next day!

Please click on the slideshow below to see some more pictures!


  1. How was the picnic chaps- bet you had some pie...?!



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