Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye
Another Groupon deal ... we purchased our Sydney Tower Eye tickets a few weeks ago, however we decided to wait until we had a perfect clear day to use them.

We woke up one Saturday morning to a beautiful clear blue sky and instantly decided to head to the city and go up the tower.
Located on Market street, the tower sits upon the Westfield shopping centre. Visible for miles around the tower is Sydney's tallest free standing structure (309)m, and is the second tallest in Australia.

Once again we were both thankful that we had purchased our tickets before as it meant no queues! After the usual comical pictures it was into the elevator!
I was initially very apprehensive about going in the lift, however it was very smooth and within 40 seconds we had reached the top!

At the top we had spectacular unparalleled views over Sydney. It was great to be able to see so much. Not only did we have a great view of the harbour, but the jagged coastline was bought to life. We were also able to see the start of the Blue Mountains in the distance.  


After our trip up the tower eye we decided to head straight for the Opera Bar.

The first time we went to the Opera bar Marcus had ordered pie and chips, ever since that day he has wanted to go back just for the pie! 

Unfortunately for Marcus by the time we arrived they had sold out of pies! (Not a happy boyfriend).
However as they had a live band playing we decided to stay and have a few ciders by the waterfront in the sun!

Hopefully next time we go Marcus can have his pie and chips!

The Opera Bar is by far our favourite drinking location - we definitely both have expensive taste!

Please click on the slideshow below to see some more pictures :) .



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