Beach Days

Our past few days this week have consisted mainly of sorting various things out such as medicare, tax forms, money transfers etc. 
All very tedious and time consuming jobs that have to be done! Thankfully everything is sorted now for the year, which is a big relief.

After our day pass at the gym in Balgowlah we then found a free weeks pass for a gym in Manly (were getting good at these passes!). Whilst it is quite a small gym it's in a great location and just minutes away from the beach, which is a perfect cool down.

So after pumping some iron at the gym we've been taking full advantage of having multiple beaches on our doorstep! Not only have we got the main Manly beach but we've got a couple of smaller harbour beaches in Manly. 

Hello, Marcus here. I'd like to share with you all the event which took place this day. 

So I'm relaxing on the beach and notice there's a few seagulls lurkin, thought nothing of it.

As we all know, seagulls like to shit, and shit frequently. But why do they insist on shitting on me??!!

4 times this has happened recently. One of these days I'm gonna drop a warm one on one of these bastard seagulls and see how they like it. 

The previous time it happened my old man told me ' The last time a bird shat on me I threw her out of bed in an instant'  What a champ!

Anyway rant over, enjoy the blog!


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