Balmoral Beach

A day on Balmoral Beach
In my previous post I briefly mentioned that one of the locations for Marcus's boot camp was Balmoral beach. As I was yet to see Balmoral we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to meet Marcus early after work, 7-30am to be precise!
Equipped with two full pages of instructions (courtesy of Marcus) I navigated myself to Awaba street. Following my detailed instructions ... I stood and admired the beautiful views before tackling the 500m walk down to Balmoral beach.
Whilst walking down Awaba street I soon realised why Marcus had moaned about it so much, it's steepest gradient is nearly 30% and over its length it rises about 70m!It's a mission in itself walking down and I was already seriously dreading having to walk back up it!

As it was still early Marcus took me to a lovely spot called 'Rocky point', this outcrop of rock separates Balmorals two beaches. It was an amazing spot and from this point you could see the entrance to Middle Harbour,North Head, Manly and Clontarf! (Not a bad view!!)
After watching the sunrise we then headed to the Boathouse restaurant to get some breakfast. The Boathouse is incredible, located on the esplanade it over looks the middle harbour. 
Not only were setting and views incredible but the food was too! Marcus had a bacon roll and I had the most amazing banana bread!

After a quick look round it was beach time!

As I mentioned earlier Balmoral beach is separated by Rocky Point, although there are two beaches (Balmoral and Edwards) there generally referred to as just Balmoral.

We chose to sunbathe on the beach to the right of rocky point. Out of all the beaches I have visited so far, Balmoral beach is
definitely my favourite!

It was a lovely day, and we both even managed to go for a (cold) swim in the sea! We're both hoping that the sea will soon warm up!

Please click below to see all our pictures from Balmoral! :)



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