The Walk To Manly

After a busy couple of days both Marcus and I decided that a day on Manly Beach was needed. The beach from where we are staying is about a 20 minute walk, but of course in true aussie style it isn't any old walk. Instead it's a scenic walk along the water past the harbor and into Manly. B,e,a,uuuutiful.

Click on the slideshow below to see the walk.

After a good couple of hours chilling on the beach (minus swimming, as the water was too cold enough to cause instant bullet nips) - Marcus's main concern ...

Lunch was needed. We ended up going to a restaurant that had an outdoor area complete with an outdoor bar! 

Marcus enjoyed a nice pizza (yuck) whilst I tucked into some chicken wings. They were definatley the biggest chicken wings I've ever had! This was a very special and important day,not just because of the amazing weather and walk..

After lunch, finally, 4 days on from the Thailand stomach bug, Marcus passed a solid poo. The joy on his face as he walked out the toilets, he looked like he had won the lottery.


  1. What Marcus needs now is some good wholesome pies to aid his constitution!!



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