Welcome To The Land Down Under

Unfortunately we lost our last day in Phuket as Marcus ended up ill with some sort of stomach bug. 48 hours of ringsting later he had finally recovered, just about ready
for our flight! 

It did however mean that I was left in charge of packing the suitcases ... Sneakily I managed to pack alot of my stuff into Marcus's case, hoping that he wouldn't notice and that my case would be under! 
Unluckily for me both our cases were over again! When Marcus came to open his case in the airport he soon realised that it was full of my stuff! = (not a happy boyfriend). Anyway most of my toiletries had to be binned, and I ended up with 2 pairs of Marcus's trainers in my hand luggage! Lesson learnt ... I won't be hiding my stuff in his suitcase again!

We flew back to Kuala Lumpa airport where we then had to get a connecting  flight over-night to Sydney!

We arrived in Sydney bright and early the next morning where we were greeted by Marcus's Uncle (Martyn) and Wife (Gess) at the airport. The weather was absolutely amazing, very hot, and not a cloud in sight!

After a short drive through the city we arrived in Manly. After dropping our bags off we then headed out to get our tour of Manly, which would not of been complete without our first coffee! 


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My name is Collette Green and I am a 24 Geography Graduate from England. My boyfriend (Marcus) and I recently took a year out to visit and explore Australia. Although a little late this blog will consist of all our experience. Make sure to check-up and follow our adventure down under!