Somthing A Bit Different

I thought that it may be good to do something a bit different, and blog about some things we have both noticed since being in Australia (Sydney).

So here it goes ... 10 different things we have noticed about the Land Down Under:

1. The suncream

EVERYWHERE you go you can only buy SPF 30 or higher. I have now learnt that the Antarctic ozone hole is a large contributing factor to this!

2. Peppers are called Capsicums

I have definitely confused a few supermarket workers when asking where the peppers were!

3. Thongs aren't thong thongs out here!

This definitely baffled Marcus ... particularly when he overheard a guy in the gym asking a girl to change her thongs! He later realised that the guy was on about her flip flops!

4. Buying alcohol

They drink more than any other nation yet the supermarkets do not sell alcohol, instead you have to go to a liquor store. (Bit of a pain)

There also VERY strict about drinking on the street particularly the beach.

5. Tomato soup & dolly mixture

Unfortunately for Marcus nowhere seems to sell Heinz tomato soup yet they stock all of Heinz's other flavours?

Also we cannot find dolly mixture anywhere! (Any donations from the UK would be greatly appreciated! haha)

6. Advertising

They openly advertise erectile dysfunction during the day, and at the gym?!

7. Collette (I'm famous!)

Australia has two shops called Collette! One is an accessories shop the other is a swimwear brand. Also the other day I spotted a massive yacht named after me!

8. Banks

One thing I have found very different is using my Australian debit card. Unlike at home where you are only given one option here you have to choose from either cheque, savings or credit.

9. 99c

If you buy something for 99c they automatically round it up to $1, I don't think I've even seen a 1c coin yet!

10. Christmas decorations

Recently Marcus's brother asked if they have snow decorations, the answer is yes. It's very very strange seeing snow decorations when it's summer and above 25C everyday!


  1. If you ever wanna see a beef and ale pie in a pair of thongs with erectile dysfunction eating tomato soup and dolly mixtures take a look outside the Opera House most days- it'll answer to the name of 'Marcus!'



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