Working Weeks

Working Weeks

Over the last couple of weeks we have both been working hard and saving well ready for our next adventure. Marcus's work has been going well and he has made some great new friends, I have also been lucky to meet some amazing new people and be involved in a companies expansion. For my first couple of weeks at work I was travelling to Main beach, however part of the expansion involved relocating the office to Surfers Paradise. This was perfect for me as the new office is only a 10 minute walk away from our apartment.
Located in the heart of the Gold Coast the new office is the highest commercial building with 360 degree views of both the river and beach. It is certainly the nicest office I have ever worked in!

It was great to be part of the opening, the first week we were all treated to a champagne breakfast on the first day and a party at the end of the week. As well as food and drink four employee awards were given out, I was presented with "Most Improved" winning Marcus and I VIP passes to the theme parks. It was nice to be recognized for my hard work and to win something that was non-horsey related!

To top of my week I came home to a box of presents from my Mum for Marcus and I to share. I was so pleased to receive a box of my favorite goodies! Needless to say we ended up consuming the majority of the sweets that evening after dinner(although the Percy pigs are being rationed ...)!

As we have been trying to save we have spent our weekends exploring the Gold Coast by bike and having BBQ's.
Through cycling we have found some great picnic spots, our favorite being Macintosh Island Park. Situated on the boarder of Surfers Paradise and Main beach this park is made up of a large lake, a waterfall, steams rock pools and cute bridges. It really is a perfect picnic spot with stunning views in every direction. There is also a variety of wildlife ... (peacocks NOT pheasants Marcus)

Bbqing so much has also allowed Marcus to become an expert in cooking delicious BBQ food which is usually steak and corn! We have learnt that plastic forks are not ideal when eating a steak!


  1. Guess that pheasant steak was a little tough for that really robust fork, hey Marcus...!!



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