Australia Day

Australia Day

During my attempt to catch up on the blog I somehow completely forgot/missed out our day celebrating Australia Day in Sydney.

Australia Day is a national day celebrated annually on the 26th January. In brief the public holiday marks the arrival of the first British ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales, in essence the celebrations of this day involve a lot of alcohol and food!

Marcus and I were invited to celebrate with Sam and Sten with there mates. The day began very civilized listening to triple J's top 100 song countdown with a beer and nibbles, however it was not long before one beer turned into four ... 

By the time it was lunchtime we were all in need of some food to soak up some of the alcohol, of course no Australia Day would have been complete without a BBQ! Sten did a great job on the BBQ whilst Sam had prepared everything else, we had so much food. Even though we were all full we all still had room for desert, Sam had made a Pavlova with Lamingtons which looked and tasted incredible!

After a lot of delicious food it was time to start the drinking games. I actually can not remember what drinking games we played as there were so many, but I do recall being made to drink a lot due to a specific card and some fella named Marcus ... who also got Sten doing mixed shots of sambuca and vodka.

It was good timing as triple J's song countdown reached number one just as we had exhausted our alcohol supply, it was then time to move into the city.

We headed straight to The Rocks to the Glenmore. The pub had a roof-top bar over looking the harbour, it was incredible ...

We ended up spending the whole evening on the roof top drinking whilst admiring the view. Unfortunately for Sten the mixed shots and sambuca caught up with him, he was completely smashed and it was time to go home. It was the funniest taxi ride ever back to Neutral Bay, Sten was hilarious!
After a quick McDonald's it was then time for us head back to Manly after what had been a great day celebrating!


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