Palm Beach

Palm Beach

After staying in the Artique for a week it was time to downgrade and move somewhere cheaper. We ended up booking an apartment for the week at the Bay of Palms resort in Palm Beach.
Located at the southern end of the Gold Coast Palm beach is situated between Tallebudgera Creek and Currumbin, whilst it's only 15 minutes away from Surfers the bus journey takes an hour, this made our week very challenging at times!

Day One

It was afternoon by the time we had moved out of the Artique and traveled down to Palm beach. 

Our apartment at the resort was surprisingly nice given the price, our room overlooked a lovely lake and we also had access to a pool, Jacuzzi and BBQ. Conveniently we were also only meters away from the shopping centre with the choice of two supermarkets. First on the 'to do' list after we had settled in was job applications. A dozen job applications later our reward was a BBQ/Roast (our version of a Sunday roast), we had lamb steaks accompanied with vegetables, gravy and wine ... delicious!

Day two

After a lovely morning breakfast overlooking the lake we were both ready for a fun day at Movie world. 
Three long bus rides later and $25 lighter we finally arrived. The first ride we went on was Scooby-doo as recommended by Sam (Marcus's cousin), we then took a break to watch one of the stunt shows and have a relax.
Next up on Marcus's 'to do' list was the Superman ride ... I was defiantly  not convinced, however after a lot of bribery and peer pressure I gave in. In the end I actually enjoyed the ride although the photo afterwards was not attractive, this was confirmed by a randomer yelling out "that girl looks like she is going to be sick" ... thanks. 

With the adrenaline from the previous ride it was then time for Arkham Asylam. Filled with confidence Marcus somehow convinced me to queue for the front ... aside from not knowing what way was up it was actually pretty good. Once my stomach had stopped churning it was then time for some lunch before finishing the other 'smaller' rides. It is defiantly a challenge having a boyfriend who is not scared of anything (even skydives).

We both had a great day at Movie world whilst it wasn't Alton Towers standard I came away feeling very proud having conquered the scary rides. The day was then made even better when Marcus secured an interview for a job the next day.

Day Three

It was an early start to allow ourselves enough time to get to Southport for Marcus's 11am interview. As I previously said our bus ride to Surfers took nearly an hour therefore Southport theoretically should have been another 20 minutes ... how wrong we were! Our luck on public transport took a turn for the worst and the journey ended up taking 2 hours, resulting in Marcus being 30 minutes late for his interview (not a good start), nevertheless Marcus managed to work his charm and ended up securing the job!
It was then back to Palm Beach for another BBQ with celebratory drinks!

Day Four

After a busy couple of days we had a well deserved lie in. After breakfast and applying for more jobs we decided to head to Palm Beach.
A few days ago we had spontaneously purchased a body board, therefore we were both keen to head to the beach to try it out.
Palm beach was lovely with great views of Surfers Paradise. We spent the whole day body boarding and relaxing on the beach which was definitely well deserved and needed! 
I also received a call from a company inviting me in for a interview the next day.

Day Five

We both had a very busy day ahead, Marcus started his new job and I had an interview for an outdoor marketing company at 10 am. To allow myself enough time I left at 7-30am to catch the 3 buses to West Burleigh. The first 2 bus rides went to plan but the final bus to West Burleigh never showed up ... I ended up running 3km in brand new shoes the result a sweaty, bloody Col ... not how you want to show up to an interview. Nonetheless the interview went well and a phone call later that evening confirmed I had secured the job and was to start the following week.

Day Six

After hectic/productive week we were both relieved that it was finally the weekend! Out of the three theme parks we still had Wet & Wild to do. It was another LONG bus journey there but the weather was amazing which made it worth while. The water park was great fun I particularly liked that there were lots of rides to go on as a pair. Unfortunately I did chicken out of one ride when I was told that there was a possibility of me getting stuck in the tube, I just didn't fancy risking it! Later that evening we had another BBQ accompanied with our white wine 'The Bowlers Run' that crazily works out cheaper than water!

Day Seven

Unfortunately the down side of our cheap wine is the headache the following day! 
We had a really busy day ahead searching for accommodation as we had to move out of the apartment the following day. From our week in Palm beach we had both indefinitely decided that we HAD to live in Surfers Paradise where all the activity was going on. It was no mean feat but after a full day of web surfing, texts and phone calls we managed to find and view an apartment in the same day! We were very fortunate to have found an apartment only minutes from the beach that we could move into the next day!


  1. Good job you didn't have a beef and ale pie and a bottle of Bowlers before Superman Wobbs..!! Hey, that reminds me- there's been no talk of beef and ale pies since Syders!! (or whole chicks)- c'mon Marcus, you're slipping!!

  2. Paul - I think the photo would have been even worse! ... I'm surprised your Son didn't purchase it to taunt me haha!
    Unfortunately there's no 'Opera House' pies up in QLD, and we've had to cut back on the chicks we were sprouting feathers!



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