Gold Coast

Week One

A week in the Artique

It only seemed like yesterday that I was booking the Gold Coast for Marcus's birthday. 
Since December our plans had changed dramatically, what was going to be a week's holiday turned into a permanent move, it was all very exciting! 

Day One;

For the second time in a month we were back at Sydney airport, this time we were flying with Jetstar Australia's other cheap airline.  Once again our flight ended up being delayed; we really do have bad luck with transportation! 

A short flight later and we were in Queensland, after collecting our small holdall the next challenge was finding the bus stop. Thankfully our sense of direction has improved even in the pitch black, the only issue we had was knowing what direction Surfers Paradise was! The bus journey seemed to take forever especially as we had no idea where we were going, however a lucky guess meant that we got off at the right stop near our hotel.

We were both pretty speechless when we arrived at the Artique. I knew that it was nice when I booked it however it was amazing! Our room was incredible and the views from the 10th floor of the ocean and mountains were to die for! 

After settling in we then went in search of a supermarket. Luckily there wasn't one too far away along with a BWS (beer, wine and spirits). 

Stocked up with alcohol and food we spent the remainder of our evening cooking an Indian, whilst sipping champagne on our balcony overlooking the ocean, this was definitely the life! 

Day Two;

Surprisingly we were both up bright and early even after the 4 bottles of champagne consumed the night before! I think we were both eager to see what the Gold Coast looked like in the day.

After some breakfast we decided to spend the day exploring Surfers Paradise. 
Our day went so quickly and it was soon time for dinner and wine on our balcony again. Another incredible evening ....

Day Three;

The past two nights drinking certainly had caught up with us, we definitely both needed a lie in and a relaxing beach day.
Surfers Paradise beach has to be the biggest beach I have ever seen in my life, stretching over 3km there's certainly no shortage of space! The sea compared to Sydney was so much warmer; therefore the majority of our day was spent playing in the waves. Although for me it meant being completely taken out on multiple occasions.

Day Four;

A relaxing beach day yesterday meant we were up fresh and up early to go to Sea World. 

Instead of getting a bus like everyone else, Marcus decided that it would be a good idea to walk.

6.3 km later and we arrived at Sea World. We had a great day watching all the shows and going on the rides. The highlight for me though was definitely the dolphin show and the penguins!
As the 6.3km walk to Sea World wasn't too bad we then decided to walk back, probably not the best option after all the walking we did around Sea World as well!

By the time we arrived back at the Artique I was definitely in need of a glass of wine or two! As well as some yummy pancakes!

Day Five;

Unfortunately it was our last day in the Artique; therefore we decided to make use of the hotels gym, pool, and sauna. We had a lovely relaxing day and we were both sad that it was our last day. 
We also had to spend time finding our next accommodation and applying for jobs, it was back to reality!

However after all the boring stuff we soon cracked open the champagne to celebrate our last night in the Artique.

Day Six;

Over the past five days we definitely celebrated Marcus's 21st in style! We had both had a great time even though it went so quickly! It was now time to move to Palm Beach for the week.


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