Palm Beach

Palm Beach

After a night out drinking at 'The Oaks' we were all feeling slightly fragile, however as Sam had the car for the weekend, we decided that it would be a good opportunity to drive to Palm Beach for the day.

Located at the northern most point, Palm Beach sits on a peninsula at the end of Barrenjoy Road between Pittwater and Broken Bay.

Best known for being the filming location of Home and Away, we were all hoping to maybe meet some of the cast or be extras! (unfortunately we weren't lucky)

As the traffic was quite bad by the time we arrived it was lunch time. We headed straight to the 'Boathouse' which is the same company that own the restaurant at Balmoral Beach.

Anyway I decided to try the chicken salad (which sounded lovely) whilst Sam and Nick ordered the burger and Marcus ordered fish and chips.

When our food came out the burgers and fish and chips looked incredible! My salad on the other hand was not quite what I had expected ...

After a few minutes of feeling very disappointed it turned out my chicken was still raw! I don't think I've ever been so excited to send some food back. Luckily I was able to swap the salad for the burger and chips! Which was absolutely delicious!

After lunch we had a look round the area before we headed to the beach for some sunbathing!

The beach was lovely, however I do still prefer Curl Curl. The surrounding area of Palm beach is amazing, with lots of very expensive apartments and houses! I was told that Tom Cruise brings his children here! I certainly would not mind owning one of those houses!


  1. Should have had a pie Wobbs- bet Tom wudda!!!!!



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