Tallebudgera Creek

Bike Ride to Tallebudgera Creek

Tallebugera Creek is a large creek located on the Gold Coast which runs from the Springbrook Mountain through Tallebudgera Valley to the southern slopes of Burleigh Mountain at Burleigh Heads. 

Renown for its fishing (Tallebugera translates in indigenous language to "good fishing") this creek is one of our favourite spots on the Gold Coast. 

After a long week at work we were both looking forward to cycling to the creek. Using Google maps the night before we worked out our route. It didn't look too far on the maps ... how wrong we were.

We set off early Saturday morning, it was a beautiful day and already very hot! Instead of cycling on the highway we chose to take the scenic ocean route, we stopped off at a few scenic spots along the way for photos and water. 
The 11km route seemed to go on forever and it took us a lot longer than we had anticipated, I was so relieved when we finally arrived at the creek!

The long bike ride was definitely worth it though! We set up our towels and went for a good swim. We spent the whole day relaxing by the Creek and had a lovely lunch on the beach.

It was only when the sun had gone did we return back to the bikes to cycle home. Marcus was happy that we passed a McDonald's on the way back so that was his "pre" dinner sorted!

Other than taking an accidental detour onto the wrong side of the highway we made it back in good time. I was definatly ready for a few glasses of wine whilst Marcus cooked my dinner (steak and eggs)!


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