Good Friday

Good Friday

My Easter started of well when I arrived home from work to dinner and wine on the table as well as a Easter Egg hunt!
Marcus had hidden loads of eggs all over our bedroom, he had done a great job of hiding them and it took me ages to find them all!
Afterwards we ended up tucking into the chocolate whilst watching a film.

Good Friday 

We were up early the next morning to pick up the hire car. Luckily as the Gold Coast was like a ghost town our bus to Southport was on time, it had been ages since either of us had been on a bus and we both definitely did not miss it!
Our luck continued as we made our way to the rental company, we ended up finding $2 then an IPhone in the road (random)?! 
When we arrived at Hertz we were both slightly apprehensive given our last experience however the lady was lovely and explained everything (= happy customers).

It was still early by the time we had picked up the car so we made our way home. 
After some quick breakfast we packed the car ready for our road-trip to Noosa.

Altogether it was 252 km to Noosa, on the way we got our first glimpse of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The journey flew by and Marcus thoroughly enjoyed testing out the Toyota Corolla.

It was very busy when we arrived in Noosa and neither of us had any idea of where to go. We ended up following the crowd to find somewhere to park. 
It was so busy that we even had to queue for the car park! 

As we entered I immediately spotted a free space to which I directed Marcus to, unfortunately there was a crazy lady standing in the bay supposedly "reserving" the space for her husband, whom was still waiting in the queue! Needless to say Marcus and I were not happy ... after a few heated words she was not budging even when we went to drive into the space! Not wanting to kill her we were forced to move on.
Once we had parked the car we then headed over to Noosa National park where there was a beautiful beach to the left of the headland.
As the weather was amazing we decided to settle and relax for a few hours and have lunch.

We then both agreed to take a walk around the national park in search of some koala's, unfortunately we weren't in luck this time.

After our lovely walk we then took a stroll around the town we both absolutely loved Noosa, the town was lovely and there was a great atmosphere.

As we did not want a massive car parking bill we then made our way back, however we did still end up paying $30 for 6 hours! It was worth it though.

When we were researching Noosa on Google maps we noticed a collection of beaches along the coast. Around 10 km south of Noosa was a small suburb called Marcus beach! 
We decided to take the coastal route back home, starting at Sunshine beach we drove along the coast past Marcus beach towards Coolum beach. The drive was absolutely beautiful and Marcus beach was a lovely little suburb with a great beach.

From Coolum beach we then got back onto the sunshine highway to go to Maroochydore (an Urban centre on the Sunshine Coast). 
We were both craving a Nandos and apparently there was one not too far away. Again I was in charge of directions however it was rather difficult in the pitch black! In addition to this Marcus was unable to tell his left from his right ... which did not help! Eventually we did manage to find the Nandos which was a relief!

We ended up having our usual (as always) however the Australian Nandos is definitely not as good! Also they do not sell mine and Andrea's favorite Nandos dessert(Portuguese tarts!)!

By this time it was pretty late and we still had a long drive ahead of us, so it was time to head home. We were both shattered after what had been an amazing day!


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