Easter Weekened - Saturday

Easter Weekend - Saturday

After an early breakfast we headed straight to the beach. Our plan for the day was to have a few hours relaxing in the sun before heading up to Tamborine Mountain.
It was a glorious day and we had a lovely morning sunbathing and swimming. It was mid-day when we headed back to the apartment for some lunch and to get ready for another mini road-trip.

Located 30km from the Gold Coast Mount Tamborine is part of an ancient volcano that stands 550 meters above sea level. Altogether the drive up took roughly 45 minutes, it was an amazing drive even from the car we had uninterrupted views of the surrounding hinterland and coastline.

One of the most popular and highly rated attractions in the mountain is the 'Rainforest Skywalk' located in the 'Jolah section' of the mountain. Somehow without the aid of Google maps we navigated ourselves to the Skywalk.

Before starting our rainforest walk we both needed a coffee, the centre had a lovely little restaurant which looked out over the rainforest.
Once we had re-fuelled it was the time to start. 

The first part was a long walkway through the canopy, I felt like I was part of "I'm a celebrity"! 
This part of the walk was definitely not for the faint-hearted, there were a few moments when I looked down at the floor and felt a bit queasy especially when the walk way rocked, of course adrenaline junkie Marcus was fine ...
As we continued the walkway started to descend to the lower canopy. Here we found rock pools, a beautiful creek,a butterfly lookout and some historical shelters.
Next up was the amazing cantilever, suspended 30 meters above the valley we had spectacular views over the creek and the rainforest canopies. This part of the walkway rocked even more however it was made worse by 2 unruly children! 
Finally the last part of the walk returned to the rainforest floor and in no time we were back at the centre.
We both enjoyed the walk and it was good to experience a snippet of Australian 

On our drive to the rainforest centre we had passed an incredible lookout point "Hang Gliders". Using our awesome navigational skills we directed ourselves back to the look out point over the hinterland.
It was still early when we arrived and after a good walk and photos we decided to go for another drive in the car before watching the sunset.

On our drive we found another incredible point this time it was the skyline of Surfers Paradise, we planned to return here when it was darker.

By this time the sun had just started going down so we headed straight back to the "Hang Gliders" look out. We made it back just in time to watch the sunset, it was a breathtaking sight!
Afterwards it was then back to the lookout over the Gold Coast. It was incredible ... we watched Surfers Paradise come alive with thousands of lights twinkling. The photos we managed to get really did not do it justice!

After our amazing day we then headed back home for dinner and wine.


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