Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday

As it was our last day of luxury having the car we planned to make the most of it. We decided to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, this was perfect as neither of us had seen a Koala yet! 

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world's oldest and largest koala centre. Situated in Fig Tree Pocket (suburb of Brisbane) the sanctuary is also home to a number of other Australian animals. 

We were both so excited, especially when we found out that Queensland is one of two states in Australia that actually lets you hold a koala! 

When we arrived we were immediately greeted by a humongous wild lizard  .. It felt like we were in the wild yet we were only a matter of minutes away from the city! 

When we entered we were both drawn towards a large crowd where a show was taking place ... it was just my luck that it was a reptile show complete with an Australian native brown snake. Thankfully my attention was quickly drawn to the cute Koalas next to the stage.

Next we headed over to see the exotic birds, Tasmanian devil, platypus's and dingos. 
I was surprised at how small the Tasmanian devil was, I had assumed that it would be the size of the animated cartoon Taz-Mania on television!

The Sanctuary was beautiful and so well laid out,every corner we turned around there were more Koalas we must of seen over 100. They were just ALL so cute and adorable especially the joeys!

After some lunch we were both eager to feed and chill with the kangaroos and wallabies in their 5 acre reserve. 
It was an unreal experience sitting down beside and kangaroos whilst feeding them! I think we must have spent about an hour chilling with one group in the sunshine, it was perfect!

Within the reserve there were also some rather large birds, personally I was not a fan given that they were the same size as me!

Once our food had run out we both managed to drag ourselves away from the kangaroo enclosure. We both could of easily spent the whole day chilling with them!

Continuing our surreal experiences we then headed straight over to cuddle a koala. I was up first ... surprisingly the koalas had very sharp claws and our cheeky koala took a keen liking to both mine and Marcus's tits! 
It was an incredible experience holding a koala and for once we were both left speechless!

I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to not only hold the Koala but also to take some lovely photos. 

The last part of the sanctuary that we had left to explore was the crocodiles and farm animals. 

We then made our way over to watch the sheep dog herding display.
It was very impressive however I was disappointed that the sheep dog was not a border collie (or it was a very bad one in disguise)! 
Here we also watched an interesting display on sheep shearing, although I think Marcus found it more amusing rather than interesting! 

We came away from Lone Pine feeling very happy and satisfied, it had been an incredible day.

Before returning home we decided to do another mountain drive this time to Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious. Once again it was a beautiful drive with spectacular views. There were a few lookout points along the way and we ended up finding another great spot to watch the sunset, leaving us speechless again!

On our way back through Brisbane we stopped of in Southbank. It is a really cool area and we are both looking forward to having a few drinks there soon!

It was very late by the time we got back home, I was in charge of dinner whilst Marcus decorated his Easter cookies for our dessert.


  1. Hey Marcus- bet that's widened your menu ideas.. no longer boring ol' chicken and pheasant for you my son! (Could you manage a whole koala..?!)



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