Our First Aussie BBQ

BBQ Day!
After a trip to the supermarket to get the BBQ food, Marcus's Uncle took us for a mini tour of some surrounding suburbs (Freshwater, Curl Curl and Dee Why). Of course ... all were amazing! Beautiful coastal views and beaches, we're hoping to find an apartment in one of these suburbs.

After our trip out it was prep time for the BBQ! Whilst I was helping Marcus's Uncle ... Marcus tucked into his FIRST alcoholic drink. This was definitely a relief as he hadn't touched any drink since we'd been here...I think Martyn, I, the family, and the Australian Government were getting concerned.

Anyway ... our first Aussie BBQ was incredible, lamb done on a BBQ is definitely the way forward! I reckon a lamb would of eaten this lamb.

Although the carrots turned into burnt turds thanks to Marcus and Martyn, the roast potatoes we're awesome..Paul and Andrea Warder's (Marcus's M+D) teachings.

And after a lovely BBQ we managed to line up 10 empty bottles of wine. lavely! Could get very used to this!


  1. A lamb might have eaten a lamb Wobbs, but would it have eaten a beef and ale pie..?!



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