Kata Beach Night

After a couple of nights staying around our hotel area, we ventured out to Kata Beach.

Me being the geographer decided to navigate us to 'Ska Bar' Marcus's Uncle's favourite bar. Of course we walked straight past it and
ended up a bit lost. Marcus will blame my navigation skills, but it was a mere miscalculation.

Anyway we finally made it to Kata town, where we found a busy restaurant to eat at. Afterwards we ended up at a surfers bar that had a 'flowhouse' (see video). A cocktail goes down very well whilst watching the amateurs fall and crack their ass on this machine thing! Some of them absolutely bossed it though. 

After a few more cocktails we decided to venture back, this time not walking! Instead we had our first experience of a Tuk-tuk!

Minus not being able to find 'Ska bar' we had a good night in Kata. The events that were to follow the next day were not so good! Unfortunately I woke up with food poisoning, and annoyingly we missed the whole day! 

As I spent the day vomiting my guts up and shitting every colour of the rainbow ...., I could not make dinner. So although Marcus went for dinner on his own, he did have some company...Tony.



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