Ska Bar

We decided to have one more attempt at finding the Ska Bar. This time instead of walking and getting lost ... we decided that it would be best to get a taxi. The taxi driver showed us exactly where Ska Bar was, which was the point where we realised we walked straight past it!

Marcus's uncle(Martyn) recommended this bar and describe it as the 'best place in the world'. And he has been about a bit lets put it that way! 

Straight away we could understand why! Quite different from the local red lion pub back at home. With a reggae vibe to it, this bar was located on a rock and built onto a huge tree, overlooking the beach and sea. It literally feels like your chuggin' your beer in a rasta mans tree house on the beach!

If you ever find yourself in Phuket, this area and bar is an absolute must! 

Slideshow below for more photos!


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