Phang Nga By Speedboat

Luckily it was only by chance that we managed to get on this island tour the night before with Phuket Sail Tours. We had initially planned to do Phi Phi islands but every tour was fully booked.

It was an early but worth while start - 6-45am to be precise!

Firstly we headed to a white sand beach in 'Krabi', it was incredible! After lazing about on the beach and playing on the tree swings, Marcus and I went snorkelling. We were given some bananas and after some convincing from Marcus we swam out and fed the tropical fish! Amazing ... until you get a whole swarm surrounding you! NOT COOL!

Next stop was a man living in a cave ... Yes ... The cave is actually a birds nest,and the dude makes a delicate soup in there worth a lot of money. The soup sells at 36000 Thai Baht per kilo (£720). This shit must have a whole load of somethin over chicken and mushroom!

The speed boat then made a quick stop alongside 'James Bond island', where we had some photo's with the iconic rock. I really must watch 'The man with a golden gun'  now!

After cruising around we then arrived at the ancient cave paintings on 'Kao Kee-Un' (drawing mountain). Where we saw some incredible paintings of fish, dolphins, monkeys and merman!

We then headed to Kho Panyi Fishing village, this is a village that is built entirely over the water. We sat down to have lunch, however both Marcus and I were feeling less adventurous due to my previous experience! I think they served Salmonella for starter, Gonorrhea for main-course with a side of the shits.

I'm actually glad we didn't eat as when we ventured into the village, the hygiene and living conditions were probably the worst I have ever seen in my life! Amazing to see though a true shocker!

The village mainly consisted of souvenir shops outside the people's homes. We then headed to an area where they had a floating mini football pitch! The whole experience of the floating village was certainly eye opening!

Back on the speedboat to 'Phanak Island' where we were greeted by monkeys! (that Marcus wanted to bring home). Anyway we entered a long cave (pitch black), emerging into a hidden lagoon at the other end. The cave got very low indeed but we managed to keep our nuts down! Apparently this was a Mangrove Hong, here we saw mangrove trees, mud skippers (walking fish) and fiddler crabs.
Our last stop was canoeing, here we canoed around 'Hong Island'. We got to explore endless caves and islands as well as under the hanging rocks.

We had an amazing boat trip, and I would highly recommend Phuket Sail Tours to anyone visiting.

Please click on the slideshow below to see all our photo's from the day.


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