Elephant Ride!

Before I came away to Thailand the one thing that I REALLY REALLY wanted to do was to ride an elephant! 

So we ventured up to Kok Chang safari where they had three elephants and a beautiful baby elephant, cute!

We chose to do the 30 minute safari trek, which was definitely the best.

The trail at first was very very steep! I think at one point both Marcus and I wondered whether we would even stay on! It was incredible how well footed and stable the elephant was. Awesome off-roader, better than a range!

After a long climb we ended up at a breath taking view point.

After lots of photos/video of the elephant pooing and pissing simultaneously (talent),we started to head back down another very steep trail.

The elephant ride was incredible and certainly quite different from riding a horse!

Click on the slideshow below to see our elephant pictures! :)


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