The Big City

After setting up bank accounts and phone's, we both decided to head into the city. Instead of catching a taxi we took the Manly ferry. This journey isn't any old boat ride, instead its a scenic cruise. Could there possibly be any better way to travel around Sydney?!

           (^^Marcus's proud photography^^)

After our incredible journey in, we decided to head straight to the Sydney Opera House.

After a good look round, Marcus's only thoughts were about jumping off the Opera house into the water! (Typical boy)

Next stop a walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Amazing!! I literally don't think this city can get anymore incredible, or I can find any words to sum it up!

After our walk across the bridge we then had a good look around. We even ended up walking past the hotel I had stayed at with my parents 4 years ago!

For lunch we decided that the perfect place to eat would be at the Sydney Opera Bar. The food was amazing, and it was good to have a nice glass of wine. 
The only problem was ... seagulls! They were literally everywhere, and at one point I had to fend off about 10 to stop them from stealing my food! They clearly didn't fancy Marcus's beef and ale pie!

After another wander around it was time to catch the ferry back to Manly ... a perfect way to end our day in the city.

Please click on the slideshow to see our photo's from the city :)


  1. Fancy that- a beef and ale pie at the Sydney Opera House- just like being down the Dog and Pheasant in Bedford!



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