Spit Bridge To Manly

Having both agreed the night before (drunk) to be up bright and early...

Myself, Marcus and Martyn set off to walk from Spit Bridge to Manly with our heads poundin. The perfect hangover cure!

Our walk started at Clontarf, located 13 kilometres north east of Sydney (CBD). This suburb is named after the district in Ireland. The harbour and beach here were lovely with some v.nice houses!

After walking along the beach we reached a steep path. And by steep I mean bollock breakin steep! This led us to Castle rock. 

It was a great view point that looked out over the harbour. We also encountered our first snake with legs here (lizard), much to my delight! (NOT)

Our next stop was Castle Rock Beach, located in the middle harbour this secluded beach is definatley a great swimming and picnic spot. >>

Out of all the beaches we've visited so far, this one is by far my favorite. The views are testicle tingerling (Another Marcus edit) and if you have a day off in the week,you'll have it to yourself! I can't wait to spend a whole day swimming down here!

After what felt like a never ending path complete with 1827383000 steps, we finally reached a spectacular viewpoint known as 'the heads'.>>> 
To the left was Manly and the right Sydney (CBD).

The next part of the walk was thankfully downhill! We walked down past condamine park onto forty baskets beach. A personal favorite's of Martyn's and I can definatley see why! 

The area even has its own free BBQ's for the public to use, complete with a harbour view! So you literally turn up, whack ya sausage (the food) on and away you go!

The public BBQ>>>


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