Dee Why Beach

When Marcus and I move into our new apartment, our two local beaches are going to be Dee Why and Curl Curl.

In preparation for the move we decided that it was vital to spend the whole day in Dee Why (mainly on the beach).

Dee Why's beautiful beach stretches for about 1.2 km overlooking the Tasman Sea. Unlike Manly beach it's much quieter and is less touristy, however it is still home to about a million seagulls ...

After a morning checking the area and beach out it was time for lunch!

Like most beachfronts it was full of restaurants and bars. Tucked away amongst the restaurants was a small take-away, It didn't look much from the outside but inside there was a huge variety of fresh fish. Whilst Marcus chose a bacon sarnie, I decided to be adventurous and try a blue grenadier (fillet of fish) with salad. 

According to Mr P Warder (Marcus's dad)the blue grenadier is a mercluccid hake found around southern Australia and New Zealand.

It was absolutely delicious, and very healthy. I would definitely recommend it as a must for anyone to try whilst in Australia.

After our lunch it was back to the beach where we spent the remainder of the day. 

We are both yet to have a proper swim in the sea, as it's still rather chilly! Hopefully one of us will toughen up soon and go for a swim soon!


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