Forty Baskets BBQ

Monday morning started with a visit to the 
Gym. After nearly three weeks of no horse-riding, I definitely needed to do some sort of exercise. It was time to take advantage of Marcus's personal training! Which seemed a good idea at the time but not the day after.'I felt as though I'd been done over by some bellend with a baseball bat. Marcus is a machine in every way, and just a great guy really (clearly a Marcus edit).

Following our walk the previous day ... we decided that a good lunch/dinner would be to make use of the free BBQ's at forty baskets. 

After a trip to the supermarket myself, Marcus and Maddy went down to the harbour.

Luckily for us Maddy had thought of and bought everything we needed to BBQ, which neither Marcus nor I would have done!

The cooking/burning was then left down to Marcus ...


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