How Sunday's Should Be

One big difference that Marcus and I have noticed in Australia when compared to England is there Sunday evenings. Back in England my normal Sunday evening would probably consist of a nice roast (with a couple glasses of red), relaxing in front of the TV, then an early night ready to get up the next day for the dreaded Monday.

Well here in Australia its the exact opposite! A Sunday evening here is treated like a Friday or Saturday night! It's crazy how busy it is, the bars and restaurants are full. The other popular option (much cheaper) is to take your own drink, and sit on the green area's or on the beach. The atmosphere's great and there's a varied mix of  young and older people, all enjoying a few drinks and the Manly area.

Our first experience of a Sunday evening was with Maddy. Initially we went down to the harbour green for a few drinks. Then we headed to a small bar called El Beau that had live  bands playing. It had a great atmosphere, and was so busy. You definitely would not find anything like this back home!

All you'd see in pubs on a Sunday night in the UK would be the odd 70 year old drunk scratching his balls and coughing his guts up. 

This Sunday Marcus and I decided to take a bottle of wine down to Manly beach ... it was perfect! 
We sipped our wine whilst watching all the surfers. We also had some entertainment ... thanks to a fully grown man throwing sand at seagulls. Unfortunately, he mis-interpreted the direction of the wind and the sand regularly ended up in his face. Golden! 

After our wine some food was definitely needed! Not surprisingly we ended up in Nandos, as always it was great, and pretty much exactly the same as back home. Although the coleslaw over here is much much nicer!

This is most certainly how every Sunday evening should be spent!


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