Darling Harbour

Another trip into the city ...  this time we chose to take the less scenic route in by bus.

Unfortunately our luck on public transport hadn't improved. The first bus driver clearly didn't like the look of us and didn't bother stopping, what a tit. After a unnecessary 30 minute wait thankfully the next bus driver did decide to stop.

From Wynward station Marcus navigated us to Darling harbour, without getting lost I should add!!

For anyone who doesn't know much about Darling harbour it used be a thriving dockland, however after decades of decline it was rejuvenated as a entertainment district in 1988! (= lots of restaurants & bars & happy hours :)

After a quick look around we bumped into a happy hour offer ($4 large white wine).
So we went inside for a few ticklers and were both pleasantly surprised that the wine was a lovely Sauvignon Blanc. So cheap AND we had a lovely view of the harbour! Sweet-a-bix.

And then........
We spotted a restaurant (Cargo Bar) offering a $10 steak. When you normally see offers that are too good to be true, they usually are. So we were kind of expecting either a fun-size steak or a steak which tastes like a baboon's bellend. But the steak was absolutely lovely (and large) meeting Marcus's high standards, and again we had a lovely view of the harbour.

After a few more happy hour wines we decided to have a better look round. The harbour is even more spectacular at night time when everything is all lit up. 

Whilst the area is very focused on tourism, it has a great atmosphere and is definatley one of the nicest places in Sydney to go for food and a drink! You can also get some really good offers if you take advantage of the happy hours.

At the end of the evening we decided to catch the ferry from Darling harbour to Circular Quay. Even though we could of walked the more scenic route seemed the better option. 

Once we arrived in Circular Quay we then needed to catch a ferry back to Manly. Unfortunately our bad luck on public transport returned, we had a 30 minute wait until the next ferry. After a while relaxing by the Opera house we decided to take a gentle stroll back to the ferry ... however we soon realised that the ferry was docked and the gates were closed (a matter of seconds before we got there). WE NOW HAD TO WAIT 45 MINUTES, to get the last ferry. 

After a warm coffee in McDonald's and chips for Marcus! You'll be pleased to know that we did eventually make it back to Manly! 

Altogether our bad luck on public transport cost us nearly 2 hours!! But all in all a great night out, an absolute must for anyone visiting Sydney.


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