Moving In

Our last couple of days have been manic!

Marcus has started work and is enjoying running boot camp sessions in Milson’s point which is under the Sydney harbour bridge, and also on Balmoral beach in Mosman. His definitely got two of the best locations in Sydney to train people!

Since my last post Marcus and I have also moved into our new apartment, as we have kindly been living with his Auntie and Uncle. 

We’ve been very lucky to move into a brand new complex and even have our own little garden area, perfect for BBQ’s!  Conveniently were close by the Manly but we have also got the option of two other beaches (Dee Why and Curl Curl).  We’ve also got the Manly Sea Eagles stadium and a large Westfield shopping centre on our doorstep (potentially very dangerous!).


Whilst the majority of home wear stuff has kindly been lent to us, we still needed a few extra items.  Off to the shops it was Marcus’s main concern being … a blender; surprisingly we managed to buy one for $20! One thing we failed to consider was carrying everything back to the apartment, up a massive hill! Thankfully Marcus decided to struggle up the hill with the boxes; I wasn’t to be trusted with the $20 blender!

After moving all of our stuff in we then needed to do a food shop! A task that would probably take anyone else an hour in one shop, took us a whole afternoon in THREE supermarkets! All in order to try and find the cheapest wine and meat, we were successful! However yet again we forgot about carrying everything back, thankfully a taxi saw the opportunity and rescued us!

We will learn …


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