First Week of Work

First week of work!

My first week of work went well and I had really enjoyed it, clearly the other job was not meant to be. 

Not only was it easy to get to the office on the bus but I had an amazing spot for lunch on Main beach, I certainly would never have this back in England nor Friday beers!

Overall it had been a great week, Marcus was still doing well at work and we were both well on our way to saving for our next adventure!

Other than working and a few evening gym sessions we had not done much in the week, we were both looking forward to the weekend to explore some more of the Gold Coast!

Friday evening we celebrated my first week of work with a home made Red Thai curry accompanied with our infamous champagne ...
Since being in the Gold Coast we have both become experts in cooking red Thai curries! It's crazy now to think that we never tried one in Thailand as now it's one of our favourite foods!

We were up early the next morning ready for a day exploring, using Google maps we planned to cycle to the Southport Spit.

Seperating Southport Broadwater from the Pacific Ocean, Southport Spit lies opposite Southport to the north of Main Beach.

Altogether it was 9 km to the spit, as we stopped off a few times along the way it took us around 2 hours.
When we reached "Doug Jennings Park" we were pleasantly surprised to find a pathway out to sea with a lighthouse. From this viewpoint we had a spectacular view of Surfer's Paradise, it really was incredible!

After chilling out on the rocks admiring the views and watching people fish it was time to cycle back! We were both very thirsty and hungry so it was lucky that there was not a McDonalds too far away!

The bike ride on the way back seemed to be ALOT further, whilst we did take a slight detour so I could show Marcus my office it took over 2 hours!
18 km later we arrived back home with very sore bums and aching legs! We were definitely going to be aching on Sunday!


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