The Great Ocean Roadtrip

The Great Ocean Roadtrip

  • Our first ever domestic flight
  • Travelling with a backpack
  • Exploring a new state 'Victoria'
  • Renting a hire car for the first time
  • Staying in a backpackers 

It's safe to say we were both very excited!

Our day started early with Martyn dropping us at the airport. We were both travelling very light with backpacks so checking in was a breeze! I was so surprised how quickly we went through security; it was so nice to not have any restrictions on toiletries.

After a quick drink we made our way to the boarding gate. Unfortunately as we arrived we received the news that our flight had been delayed. We were both slightly concerned as we had a lot planned, this included driving over 200Km to our accommodation in Apollo Bay!

An hour and a half later and we were on our way to Melbourne. Thankfully it was a short flight and we were soon stepping off the plane into 41 C heat! It was so so hot!

It was then time to locate the rental company, the airport was slightly confusing at first due to renovation work but we soon managed to find Hertz.
It was just our luck that the rental company tried to fob us off with a Nissan 4x4 ex-trail. After a very adamant and stroppy boyfriend Hertz managed to locate our initial booked car - a V6 Holden Commodore. This did mean that we ended up waiting another half hour for the car to be cleaned.

A few hours later than planned we were on our way. Our first stop was the services for a late lunch, Marcus tucked into a McDonalds whilst I had a veggie wrap from the BP garage(the only wrap without cheese)

After our food we were on our way again unfortunately not for long. Ten minutes into our journey and we heard a pop ... As the car was handling fine we thought nothing of it, however as we started to merge onto the Princes Highway the car started to shake ... Uh oh... When we pulled over we realised that we had a blow out on the passenger back tyre. Thankfully as we were stuck on one of the busiest roads in Melbourne in +40C heat we received roadside assistance within 40 minutes.  Once our spare tyre was on we were then FINALLY on our way, and left wondering whether we should have just accepted the 4x4!

Anyway our first stop off was at Torquay; home to the world famous Bells Beach. This is also where you pick up the Great Ocean road (GOR) so we decided to have our dinner and stock up on some sweets for the journey ahead.

From Torquay we then headed to Anglesea, we were both absolutely loving the GOR but it was soon to get even better. The drive from Lorne to Apollo bay was incredible. Words cannot describe how awesome the road was, along with the spectacular scenery. Neither of us had ever seen nor experienced anything quite like it. 

When we arrived in Apollo bay it was time to check in to our first ever backpackers.  They say first impressions count ... well the cabin looked derelict and unfortunately the inside wasn't much better. Marcus would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys the odd spider crawling up your ball sack during the night. It was definitely  an amusing experience!


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