Watson's Bay

Watson's Bay

Our past few weeks in Australia have been very busy as a result the blog is a few weeks behind, hopefully I will catch up soon!

It was a few weekends back now that we caught the ferry from Circular Quay to Watson's Bay. It's always great to catch the ferry as the views from the water are great, much better than catching a bus.

When we arrived we headed up Cove Street towards Camp Cove a popular swimming beach. It was a lovely beach and very busy! After a spot of sunbathing we then headed to Langs Point Reserve which was to the left of Camp Cove, the views from this point were spectacular.

As we headed back to the harbour we explored some of the narrow streets. Watson's Bay was once a small fishing village, therefore the majority of properties are lovely tiny heritage cottages.

When we arrived back at the harbour we headed straight to Doyle's fish and chips. We had been told that Doyle's served the best fish and chips in Sydney, and I'd have to say that I would agree with that! They were absolutely delicious and so was the cider!


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