Christmas Eve

Darling Harbour

We had a few options for things we could do on Christmas Eve. In the end we chose to head to Darling Harbour to see the decorations and watch the firework display.

For once we were very well organised and took with us a picnic, this consisted of a whole chicken and most importantly a bottle of wine!

We were lucky when we arrived that we managed to find a great spot to picnic, with an awesome view of the harbour! Somehow we had also managed to time it perfectly so we only had to wait 10 minutes til the fireworks!

In true Aussie style the fireworks did not disappoint! The whole display went on for about 10 minutes and was spectacular! It was definitely an added bonus that we got to enjoy the fireworks with a glass of wine and some chicken.

Afterwards we then decided to take a walk over the bridge to 'Santafest', where all the decorations were.

The decorations included a 'tree of light and laughter' along with 21 inflatable Santa's on the bay! I'm not too sure how these inflatables didn't look tacky they somehow fitted in.

Anyhow back to Christmas ... being in 28+ heat in December meant that neither of us have felt Christmassy, but the fireworks and decorations certainly put us in the festive spirit! We were both really looking forward to experiencing a truly different and unique Christmas down under!


  1. Did you move on and have a couple of pies at the Opera Bar after the whole chicken guys?!



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