Christmas Day

 Christmas Day

This was to be our first ever Christmas  away from home and the parents. It certainly was going to be a very different Christmas down under.

Our morning started early 7am to be precise! A quick look out the window confirmed that it hadn't snowed in the night ... instead it was 26c and overcast.

To get us into the festive spirit Marcus put on some Christmas tunes and we opened some presents. We had both broken the rule of not buying for one another, unfortunately for Marcus he had to wait until later for his.

After opening our lovely presents we then had some breakfast, and started to get ready to be picked up to go to Martyn's.

As I was eager to give Marcus his present, when we arrived Martyn helped me put the finishing touches to it. Luckily Marcus was easily distracted with a chocolate croissant and coffee!

We then all sat round to open some more presents! Sensibly Andrea and Paul had sent ours over to Martyn's to avoid temptation!

Up next was Marcus's combined Christmas and 21st birthday present. This was a Willy Wonka chocolate bar with an enclosed 'golden ticket' to the Gold Coast. Marcus's face was priceless as he unwrapped the present to reveal a bar of chocolate, he was either very disappointed or just confused! However his face soon lit up after opening the chocolate to find a ticket to the Gold Coast!

It was good timing as we had just finished opening the presents when Brian and his family arrived.
A bottle of champagne was opened and the drinking commenced!

Unfortunately our initial plan to picnic at Clontarf had to be changed due to the torrential rain (typical). So instead we stayed undercover and had some drinks and nibbles whilst we did the secret santa!

When Brian and his family left it was then lunch time. This consisted of the biggest piece of ham I have ever seen! I didn't miss the usual roast turkey, infact it was nice to have a change!

It was then decided that after lunch we would all chill and watch Notting Hill, one of my all time favourite films that Marcus had never seen!

After the film we then played the game heads-up which very amusing!

Time seemed to fly by and it was soon time for dinner and more wine. Dessert was amazing, Gess had made an ice-cream cake and Maddy had made a banana cake, yummy!

Once we were all totally stuffed it was time for another game which was similar to shirads, but instead involved acting out famous people, a great laugh!

To finish up we tucked into a few more bottles of wine ... and face-timed our families back home!

Overall a great Christmas day we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and liked the change, it was just a shame the sun didn't shine!


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