Marcus's 21st

The big 21!

A few months back Marcus mentioned that for his birthday he wanted a kettle bell cake. After some extensive researching it seemed the impossible was possible. 

Luckily the day before, I managed to get Marcus out of the apartment and round to Martyn's to watch the football. So that I could attempt making the cake.

I'm pleased to say that all went to plan and I was very pleased with the final  
outcome. The only issue I had was where to hide it ... thankfully I found a good place ... the new dishwasher! 
Anyway back to the 28th!

We both woke up very early and after opening his cards and presents I decided to surprise him with the cake. Marcus's face was priceless ... he was definitely shocked and very happy!

We then both got ready to go to Manly to meet Martyn, Gess and Maddy for a birthday breakfast at Honolulu café.

After a delicious fry up we then headed with Maddy to the harbour to rent some paddle boards! 
Neither of us had been paddle boarding before and it proved to be a lot more difficult than we had initially anticipated! It soon became apparent that Marcus's balance was awful; subsequently he ended up swimming for most of the hour!

Overall it was great fun but also very tiring ... we both decided that a bottle of champagne was needed.
So we headed over to the rocks near Shelley beach and cracked open a bottle, whilst also doing a spot of sunbathing. 

Time seemed to fly by and it was soon time for some late lunch. Not surprisingly the birthday boy wanted a Nandos. 

After our Nandos we then headed back to the apartment to get ready for our evening. Luckily I had an appropriate outfit for the occasion, as Marcus had bought me a lovely black dress for Christmas. 

We decided to head to Darling Harbour early so that we were ready to board the boat at 7pm. We were both pleased when we were shown to our table for the evening as we had a window view. 

When we booked our tickets we had decided to pay extra for a free bar. This proved to be a brilliant move - I sent Marcus up to the bar for a glass of champagne and he came back with a whole bottle (result)!!

Our cruise lasted around 3 hours and was amazing - unlimited alcohol, lovely food, topped off with spectacular views of the harbour which made the whole experience incredible! At the end we were both sad to leave the boat, and definitely want to do another cruise again.

 As the boat dropped us off at Darling Harbour we decided to walk over to Pyrmont and head to the only casino in Sydney
'The Star'. Marcus obliviously placed a bet and ended up winning and walking away with $20, which meant a few free drinks!

By the time we left the casino it was pretty late (1am), it
seemed everywhere was closing except the Opera bar. Therefore we walked all the way over to Circular Quay to finish the night with a few drinks at our favourite bar.
After our drinks it was then time to head back home. 

We ended up drinking and eating cake until 6am ... let’s just say the whole of Sunday was spent recovering, however it was worth it!


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