Jerry the Jeep!

Picking up 'Jerry' the Jeep


I arrived home from work and Marcus was nowhere to be seen. Earlier on in the week we had put a deposit down on a car for our East Coast trip. I had know idea that Marcus had gone after work to pick up the new car, it was a great surprise when Marcus turned up outside in our new red Jeep 'Jerry'.

My excitement soon disappeared when Marcus asked me if I wanted to hear the good news or bad news first. 

Bad news first - the dealer had lied about the car being serviced in an attempt to rip us off, along with a couple of other things. (Not a nice guy)

Good news second - in the midst of messing Marcus around the dealer charged us $0.04 for the car! BARGAIN!

After hearing Marcus's eventful afternoon we took the car for a test drive to the spit.


We were both so happy to finally have our own transport and be able to go anywhere! We had both really missed the freedom of having our own car.

That morning we drove over to Nick and Rachael's for coffee and to take them for a test drive. Nick also helped us out by arranging for his friend to check over the car and give it a full service.

On our way back we ended up stopping at an organic food store called 'Flannery's', they sell the most delicious homemade peanut butter and chocolate honeycomb!

After lunch we drove an hour south to Coolangatta (the southernmost suburb of the Gold Coast), neither of us had been past Palm Beach since February so it was lovely to finally be able to explore the area.

We parked up along the beachfront overlooking Kirra beach, we had a spectacular view of the Gold Coast skyline. 

A walk along the beach took us to a beautiful beach-side park 'Pat Fagan'. It was stunning and yet again we had great views all the way to Surfers Paradise. 

That evening we met back up with Nick and Rach for a delicious Thai followed by the cinema.


Living just meters away from the beach means that at least one of our weekend days is spent swimming and sunbathing. We both love living near the sea and like to make the most of the Aussie weather!

In case anyone was wondering about the 'cheap' car ... we did unfortunately end up paying the full price a week later!                    


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