Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a quaint beach side town in the state of New South Wales. Named by James Cook in 1770 after John Byron, the town is only an hours drive from the Gold Coast and 103 miles south of Brisbane.

Byron is most notably known for Cape Byron a headland adjacent to the town, which is the easternmost point of mainland Australia.


We spent the whole day preparing and packing the car ready to leave early the next morning.


It was an early start as we wanted to make the most of the day. We decided to treat our trip to Byron as a "practice run" before our road trip up north. 
We had no plan of where we were staying it was all to be decided when we arrived, it was our first proper adventure camping. 

Our drive to Byron was interesting, we were still getting used to the car and it certainly had it's quirks ! 

20 minutes in ... heading south on the M1 ... the car began to shake ... given our previous experiences we pulled straight over. I hopped out and checked over the car and the tyres all were okay. Both puzzled we carried on our journey with the conclusion that we should keep below 100 km/hr to stop it shaking! Not our best "mechanical" conclusion (up the east coast we did find out why it did this ... all will be revealed).
An hour later we arrived in Byron and found a campsite located on Tallow beach along broken head road.
We pitched the tent and I left setting up our newly purchased tarp in the capable hands of Marcus whilst I made the lunch.

It was then time to explore Byron, first up Cape Byron. We drove up to the lighthouse to find a guy collecting money $8 (preciously) to park! In outrage Marcus drove back down and we parked up in an area that was only $4 ... 
Just our luck that when we went to pay the machine ate our $2 ... I decided to resolve the situation by calling the operator and we ended up parking for $2 result!

As we walked up to the lighthouse the view out to sea and cosy corner was spectacular.

The lighthouse was built in 1901 and stands sentinal atop the 94 metre cliff at Australia's most easterly point.
We then stood at the most easterly point in Australia before taking the track down to Little Watego's beach. 
Stupidly whilst we were walking down the track I was brushing my hand along the fence which resulted in a HUGE splinter (not clever).

We walked all the way down to the tip it was incredible, we even saw wild kangaroo's on the walk back up.

Afterwards we headed to Watego beach, a beautiful area with magnificent homes looking out to sea.
The beach was incredible with great waves, definitely a great place to learn to surf! We had a quick (cold) swim before sunbathing on the beach.

It was then time to head back to camp for dinner and wine (of course).


Eurrrgh what a terrible night sleep! It was so cold and hard sleeping on our yoga mats ( conclusion an air bed was needed).

We headed to Woolies to buy sausages, bacon and rolls for breakfast at Watego beach.
The BBQ area here has to be the best ever. Hands down it was the most amazing breakfast spot ever! It was a beautiful morning and we sat for ages watching the surfers before going on a drive to explore Byron town.

The town itself was not what either of us had expected, although it was lovely we both felt that it was very touristy. 

It was then time for lunch so we headed back to camp.

Afterwards we then we then walked through the national park that was located just a couple of minutes from our camp. We walked over the creek coming out at Tallow beach. Along the way we passed numerous signs for brown snakes uh-oh ... thankfully we did not encounter any!

Time flew and it was then dinner time. It was so cold that I ended up wearing 3 tops, 2 goodies, 2 pairs of trackies and 3 pairs of socks! I resembled something of a sumo wrestler!


Another cold and un-comfy night!
We packed up our tent and headed back to Watego beach for another amazing breakfast.

We had enjoyed the lighthouse walk so much that we walked from Watego beach round to the lighthouse again. That morning we also checked out The Pass and Clarkes beach both beautiful spots.

Time flew and it was soon afternoon. It was then time to head home to prepare for Martyn and the girls coming to visit for our last weekend in the Gold Coast!


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