Day 10 Of The East Coast

Day 10 Of The East Coast

Location: Tin Can Bay & Sandy National Park

After breakfast we were faced with the decision of whether to stay in paradise at Cooloola or to move on.

It was an overcast day so we sat in the car with a coffee in hand and formulated a plan (this turned out to be pointless as we never used it).

The conclusion we came to was to move on to Fraser Island and camp at Waddy Point for a week.

We decided for our last day on the Cooloola coast to drive to Tin Can Bay. It was a 30 minute drive away but due to back burning the journey took us ALOT longer. 
We had to follow an escort vehicle at 15km/h for the majority of the journey. At least this meant we got a good views of the fires as neither of us had ever seen controlled fires. The black smoke filling the sky was incredible although it did make our photos look very dull.

Tin Can Bay was a lovely typical Aussie town, best known for its seafood and dolphins we both instantly liked this sleepy little village. 

We had a lovely walk around Tin Can Bay inlet and the town before having lunch. 
We also had signal here which allowed us to book our passes for Fraser Island.

Once we had organised Fraser Island we then had to find a supermarket to stock up on food and alcohol for the week. We were both having to organise so much that it was no surprise when we forgot to buy meat and flyspray - two essential items! Annoyingly this meant we had to turn around and drive back.

It was pitch black when we drove back but at least they had stopped the back burning. 

We both struggled to find our campsite when we returned and the lights on our car were 
awful which really didn't help. Despite driving up and down the beach numerous times we did finally find our camp spot.

It was then time for dinner and a fire. We then had an early night ready to get up for Fraser Island the next day.


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