Day 9 Of The East Coast

Day 9 Of The East Coast

Location: Great Sandy National Park

As usual we woke up very early and had breakfast. We were both pleased that it was another lovely rain free day! 
We drove north along Teewah beach to Double Point Island.

Located just south of Rainbow beach it's the next headland north of Noosa. Once we had found what we considered a safe parking space we took the steep walking track up to the lighthouse. The views we had from the top were spectacular which made the steep walk worthwhile. It was a shame that the lighthouse was under going renovations covering it in scaffolding, nevertheless it was still wonderful.
On our walk down we were both relieved to see that the car hadn't been washed out to sea. 
We then decided to take the Leisha track to Rainbow town again. Annoyingly when we reached the track the tide was in which meant a drive back to tackle the never ending 19km track.

By the time we reached Rainbow beach it was sunbathing weather we had a lovely few hours on the beach, but sadly after lunch the weather changed and it started to rain again! To warm up we thought we had found a block of hot showers, disappointingly a ten second shower confirmed that there was no hot water.
We then had to drive back to camp frozen, luckily the heater on the car worked and we had it on full blast for the entire journey.

When we returned back our kind next-door campers had left us there firewood along with a lovely note, they had obviously seen us struggling the first night to make a fire!

In our rush to drive back after the horrendous shower we had forgotten to buy wine ... another trip back to Rainbow again  ... as the tide was out we took the Leisha track. It was another beautiful drive as the sun was setting.
Stocked up on wine we headed back to camp ... 2nd time lucky! 
When we got back I made a start on dinner whilst Marcus made the fire.

We had a lovely evening sitting around the fire. Wine and shooting stars - perfect!


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