Day 13 Of The East Coast

Day 13 Of The East Coast

 Location : Fraser Island - With a broken Jeep!

It rained throughout the entire night which resulted in us both having a bad nights sleep. 
Our day didn't start well either when we were then rudely awoken by a loud group of people.

My day then started off with a shower to wash out last nights conditioner. The coin operated shower had stopped at the crucial moment when I was washing my conditioner out,and unfortunately my attempt to wash out the conditioner in the sink hadn't worked.

Feeling refreshed after another cold shower it was time for breakfast and then to dry all our wet clothes.

Mick, Dave and Marcus then got to work on trying to fix our car. Our initial diagnostic was the thermostat so we took it out, we then had the long wait of letting everything dry.

At this point Marcus and I were wanting to get off Fraser Island. It was beautiful but everything was so far away and we couldn't swim in the sea which was so infuriating.

Back to fixing the car and it started to rain again, we ended up sitting in the car for god knows how many hours!

When it did eventually stop we decided to take a walk down the beach. Typically we made it half way down the beach before it began to pour again! 
We had to hide in the girls toilets which seemed like forever, and probably wasn't the most pleasant experience for Marcus.

It was a day of disappointments ...  our food had now started to go off, but thankfully Mick and Dave once again came to our rescue cooking us a delicious dinner.

They definitely cheered us up and we spent the evening getting drunk around the fire.

Time flew by and it was soon the early hours.
It was then time for bed .... hopefully tomorrow will be more successful!

Apologies for a lack of photos!


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