Day 14 Of The East Coast

Day 14 Of The East Coast 

Guess what?! It decided to rain again throughout the entire night.

We were then rudely awoken at 5-30am by a group of naughty kids who had sneaked out of their tents to start a fire. We both felt like we were being suffocated by the amount of smoke. It also didn't help when they started arguing 'Jeremy your going to put the fire out' .... 'Jeremy don't do that'.

That was the tip of the iceberg for me ... I lept out of the tent and proceeded to scream at them all. There faces were priceless and it certainly shut them up!

We managed to get a few more hours sleep before the rain started again. Breakfast was once again served in the car.

Thankfully by mid-day the weather had cleared up and Mick and Dave appeared. It was time to test the car after yesterdays attempted repairs ... unfortunately it wasn't fixed.

As you can imagine Marcus and I at this point were so eager to get off the Island. Kindly Mick and Dave had offered to tow us to Kingisher bay, but the tide had started to come in.

Mick and Dave being the awesome Aussies they are offered to take us fishing, we were both so excited!

Mick drove to Wathumba located on the other side of the Island. It was a long drive but we got to see how amazing the Island is. It's crazy how a rain forest survives in just sand, then you've also got swamps and lakes. Fraser Island really is a gem!

When we arrived at Wathumba we found a lovely spot. Mick set up my rod first and helped me cast out. Within a few seconds I had a Bream on! I was ecstatic ... my first ever catch! The lads couldn't believe it and brushed it off as beginners luck, at least I had some food to eat that evening!

We all then continued fishing, I was loving every minute and Marcus's help was brilliant.
We had a few near misses with Dave's fish jumping off the hook then Mick catching small toad fish, as for Marcus well ... sadly he had no luck.
Within the last couple of minutes Dave caught a bream.
Mick then went to work descaling and gutting them. The pelicans were chuffed to have our fishes heads.

After a successful days fishing (for Dave and I) it was time to drive back.
We stopped off at the pub on our way back, where I had my first ever schooner.

When we got back to camp it was time to cook our fish on the barbie! We also had some mince and pasta for Mick and Marcus who were fishless! However both Dave and I did share our fish, it was devine!

We then all sat round the fire once again drinking. We ended up having an earlyish night, ready to be up early to get towed to Kingfisher Bay.

What had started out as a rubbish day turned out to be brilliant! I absolutely loved fishing and can't wait to try my hand at it again soon!


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