Day 16 Of The East Coast

Day 16 Of The East Coast

Location: Hervey Bay

It was an early start after a terrible nights sleep. We both desperately wanted to enjoy our luxury facilities but couldn't due to worrying about the day ahead.

Thankfully we had some luck  with the phones, which meant as soon as it was 9am Marcus was on the phone to the Jeep garage.
We had hoped that we had created a sense of desperation and urgency by parking the car outside the gate, however typically there mechanic was 'flat out' (or didn't have a clue).

After checking out we headed over the road where we bumped into Rob & Emma, they  kindly offered us a lift to our new accommodation.

Surprisingly the hostel was very nice and cheap, although I strangely preferred our tent.We hired two bikes from the hostel and cycled 5km to the garage ... annoyingly the car hadn't been stolen in the night.

The Jeep garage was home to some horrific crashed cars and really did not resemble a working mechanics, nevertheless we handed the keys over.

We then biked all the way back to the esplanade in search of a coffee shop. It was a lovely cycle path alongside the beach front. Our ride was also made amusing by some crazy girl chasing after Marcus's bike, I've never seen him peddle so fast!

The first coffee shop that we found had stopped serving breakfast and the second find wasn't much better. Marcus's bacon roll was average but I was thoroughly disappointed with my soggy croissant smothered in butter (yuck). 

Once we arrived back at the hostel we decided to formulate an action plan, needless to say we didn't get very far.

I then sent Marcus back to the garage on the bike to retrieve some of our food (he did volunteer I promise)! He also met with the mechanic who hadn't managed to get the car started and was rather puzzled (not a good sign).

By the time Marcus had cycled back Rob and Emma had come over to join us for the evening. The least we could offer them was a hot shower and our wi-fi! 

We ended up having a lovely evening having food and drinks and it certainly took our minds off the car for a few hours!

We then said our final farewells and it was back to reality. 

We were unbelievable stuck and by this point, especially if the garage could't even get the car running! 

The lack of photographs certainly sums up this day!


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