Day 15 Of The East Coast

Day 15 Of The East Coast

Quite possibly the worst day ever!

Honestly I do not even know where to begin!
We were up very early packing up. We both couldn't wait to get off the Island to get the car fixed.

Very kindly Mick and Dave stayed true to their word, towing us all the way down from waddy point to kingfisher bay.

It seemed to take forever to reach the 75 mile beach. It was a scary thought when we reached this hurdle as we had only driven 1/4 of the way!

To make the experience even more thrilling we were then faced with torrential rain. Our wipers at the best of times were not brilliant so we really struggled to see out of the window screen. The drive was certainly testing Marcus's driving skills.

Our tow along the beach went on forever. We also had to keep signalling Mick to stop to clean the sand off our screen and for Marcus to pee!

Our towing experience wasn't about to get any better ... as we were then faced with a tough track cutting across the Island.

Now I am no expert but this 4wd track would challenge any driver so imagine having ... no engine, no power steering or breaks, poor Marcus ... and he also had to contend with a very nervous passenger!

Just as we thought we had reached the end we were then faced with a steep hill, not what you want with only a handbrake!

The four of us came to the decision to un hook the car and let it roll down, although we were both terrified that we would pick up too much speed. Thankfully Marcus maintained the speed stopping just before we reached the petrol station. 

We couldn't thank Mick and Dave enough and the least we could do was fill there car up. We then all headed to the resort for food and beer. It was a lovely hotel however we definitely looked out of place against the clean non-campers! Nevertheless we had a great time with our 'Aussie heros' and we were both sad to say goodbye.

When we returned to the car we were faced with our next hurdle ... the car wouldn't start! A lovely girl working on the Island helped us out by calling her partner to come and jump start us. Of course nothing was ever straight forward with the car and it would'nt start. Our last resort was the Island mechanic, and even the expert couldn't get Jerry running diagnosing the issue with a broken ignition module. 
The only assistance he could offer us was another tow to the barge queue. 

Our next challenge was getting on the 5-30 barge when we were actually booked in for the 8-30 barge. A lovely Aussie couple came to our rescue, offering to tow us onto the boat and off. Marcus and I were feeling pretty hopeful as we got all hooked up. 
I then had a chance to have a much deserved shower. 

When I returned from my COLD shower Marcus had made friends with a charming English guy 'Rob'. He was over travelling in Australia with his partner 'Emma' in a 50 year old Land Rover! 

5-30 came and there was no room on the barge. Leaving us no option but to unhook our car which was very embarrassing! Our next issue was finding another tow and snatch strap for the next barge.

Car by car passed us onto the barge and we were once again left alone. 
At the last minute a staff member informed us that there was one spot left thinking we were ready to go. 
My reaction was to sprint down to the barge borrow our friends snatch strap then beg someone to tow us on. 
Whilst I was on the boat I heard the captain announce that he could'nt wait. I had visions of being stuck on the barge leaving Marcus behind.
Miraculously the Captain changed his mind and allowed us to hook the car up to a rented Land-cruiser (2 Belgium guys that had no insurance). Another nerve wracking experience for Marcus! 
Of course there was another problem when we were aboard ... detaching the strap. We were heading into a storm and it was a huge struggle on deck to unscrew the pin and then maneuver the cars around. 

Surprisingly the barge journey went quickly and we were soon at Hervey Bay. No one could exit the barge before we had been towed off, so there were certainly a few angry characters! 
The staff had organised a small lorry to tow our car off backwards and the driver clearly wasn't very experienced, jerking our car at great speed down the ramp. All I saw was Marcus's frightened face and Jerry skidding all over the place.
We were then left in the middle of the car park with no idea of our location.

Thankfully Rob and Emma came to our rescue offering to tow us to drop the car off at a garage.
Rob only had a very short snatch strap and we had no headlights. By this time it was pitch black and neither of us could see very far, we were both terrified that we would run into Rob's prize car.
Rob did a great job and we left our car parked outside the closed garage (hoping it would get stolen in the night)! 
After removing all our valuables and clothes Rob and Emma then drove us into the main town.
Here we found a reasonable motel for the night and later met them for some much deserved dinner. 

After realising neither of our phones would charge it was then bed time.

At least we had a hot shower a bed and free cookies!

What a day it had been!!

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