Day 17 Of The East Coast

Day 17 Of The East Coast

Location: Hervey Bay

Our morning did not get of to a great start after a phone call from the Jeep garage. They had been unable to start the car and were now advising that we needed an auto-electrician.

We immediately got on the internet to search for one. It was a disaster Marcus called 15 - all were either 'flat out' or just did not want to know. It was incredibly frustrating!

In the end Marcus got through to a lovely lady who gave us some great advice. Apparently if the car wouldn't even start an auto-electrician was pointless. What a waste of time that was then!

I was completely fed up by the point and decided to speak with a worker at the hostel. I explained our situation and he recommended a very good garage just 10 minutes walk away. 
So with a map in hand we navigated our way to the garage. Unfortunately the guy was no help but we did find another very helpful garage.

Marcus spoke to the Jeep garage one last time and they confirmed that they really had no clue (useless).

The garage that we found then organised for a tow truck to collect the car. We were both so fed up that we really were not bothered how much it was going to cost, we just wanted our Jerry back!

Within an hour the car had been picked up and  when we arrived at the garage was running! SUCH A RELIEF!

We then left them to get to work and headed back to the hostel. 

A couple of hours later we received the phone call we had been waiting for. The mechanic had diagnosed the problem and ... it wasn't a head gasket and he wasn't concerned that it was an expensive repair. The part had already been ordered and it would be ready the next day. Marcus and I were ecstatic!

To celebrate we cooked a lovely dinner in the communal kitchen and popped open a bottle of champagne! We were also joined by a lovely french couple on a similar adventure as us, it was so nice to share our experiences.

We had a great relaxing evening until a power cut plunged us into the pitch black. It was definitely a sign to get some much needed sleep.


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