Day 20 Of The East Coast

Day 20 Of The East Coast

 Location: Hervey Bay (still!)

Guess what ... we were up early to take the car back to the garage. Surprise surprise they were shut, clearly Aussie mechanics don't work on Saturday mornings!

By this point both Marcus and I were used to mechanics working hours. On our drive back to the hostel we found a garage that was actually open ... this time they specialised in radiators (terrific). 

Well once again they were baffled, suggesting we bought a plastic cover for the fan.
Honestly after all these different opinions Marcus and I decided to just go with our own idea to carry on.

So we drove back to the hostel and picked up some food to BBQ for breakie. 
We drove along the esplanade where we found a lovely picnic area just before the pier.

Marcus cooked up a delicious breakfast on the barbie. 
We then took a lovely walk down the 1107m pier that was built in 1913 to export sugar, coal and timber! It seemed to stretch for miles and the pier was crammed with people fishing off the side, it clearly was a great spot as the pier was scattered with sparkling fish scales and hungry pelicans.

As we were unsure whether the car was fixed we decided to take it for a long drive. Luckily it didn't overheat on our scenic drive, however who knows whether it's fixed or not.

Afterwards we returned back to the hostel where we bought another night. It wasn't great weather and it had turned cold so we decided it would be best to have another night in the dry.

Together we did our usual little workout before heading to buy some food. 
Well surprise surprise for the 100th time all the largest supermarkets were shut at 5-30pm! We ended up taking a huge detour to an expensive IGA.

We had one of my favourite dinners chicken and broccoli. It was just missing some wine ... We headed to the hostel bar where we found our trusty bowlers run, shockingly our usual $3 bottle cost us $15.
We relaxed in our room drinking, eating chocolate and planning our next part of the journey.


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